Oct 12

Download Tech Sheet (FAQ)

Setup Sheet - Hoffman Race Cars

Setup Sheet - Dirt Works Race Cars

All recomendations included are intended to be used as a starting point only and will need to be adjusted to accomodate each drivers individual driving style and the "feel" of the car you want to achieve.

Remember: Making changes in one area or one adjustment at a time will allow you to understand what you did and how it effected the racecar.

Chassis adjustments can produce an effect that is opposite of what is desired if the adjustment is taken too far.

Building a Database of good accurate records of changes and results can help to eliminate continual trial and error. A good Database of track information can also lead to better results if used properly.

KNOW YOUR CAR !!! Ignorance and laziness are the most common reasons for poor performance. Take one day and learn all the parts of your car and how it's set-up.Others cannot help you with your car if you don't know what you have.